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I have taught courses on the history of Latino/as in the United States as well as Latin American and Caribbean history. Specific courses have also focused on histories of race and ethnicity & women, gender and sexuality.


Courses Designed:


University of Connecticut, Storrs

History of Latina/os in the United States


Latina/os and Human Rights

Latina History, Gender, and Biography

Gender and Sexuality in Latin America and the Caribbean


Brown University


Wise Latinas: Women, Gender, and Biography in Latinx History


Goucher College


Latino/a History

Women and Gender in Latin American History


Latin American History: The National Period

Latin American History: The Colonial Period

Graduate Student Instructor:


University of Michigan


The Latin Tinge: A Social History of Latin Music in Latin America and the United States 


Writing Freedom in the Caribbean  


Reading Culture, Reading Books: From Gutenberg to Google


Latin American History in the National Period




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